LISA 14th Annual Fall Conference

LISA Fall Conference

The last post Life Settlement Conference in Washington DC was outlining the conference held at Fasano Associates. However the LISA (Life Insurance Settlement Association) is the next day in the same city!

This is a 2 day event November 6th - 7th in Washington D.C.

The event slogan is: Beyond the Horizon - The Future of Life Settlements for Investors, Consumers and Industry Professionals.

Omni Shoreham Hotel
2500 Calvert Street
Washington, DC 20008

Keynote Speaker: Mark Penn

November 6th Agenda

2008 Industry Developments
LISA Board of Directors

In the last 12 months, the life settlement industry has gone through dramatic changes. The LISA Board of Directors will bring their insight to the table discussing the most prominent topics of 2008. The credit crunch, legislation, securitization, and life expectancy issues will be well explored in this session. The panel will close the session by sharing their view of top developments for 2009.

Expert Panel: Forecasting the Year Ahead and Beyond

Caleb Pitters, Director - LIfe Finance Group, Credit Suisse
Scott Cipinko, Executive Director - LIFA
Thomas Laumont, Chairman - BVZL, Germany
Jonathan Forster, Chair, National Wealth Management - Greenberg Trauring, LLP

Expanding the horizons, this session seeks to bring an outside perspective of life settlement's future develpments. The panel will break the industry's paradigm by discussing the future strengths and challanges based on information gathered scholars and other industry experts with insightful viewpoints in our industry.

When is an Offer an Offer? When is a Deal a Deal?
Moderator: Brian K. Staples

When do brokers stop shopping the case and when do providers feel comfortable the deal is done, is the funding confirmed and ready to close the case? An open facilitated discussion among all attendees to identify and discuss the variable in closing a life settlement case. Can we bring more confidence to the closing process?

Synthetic Longevity Market: What is it? How Does it Relate, if at all, to the Settlement Market?

Brice Van Elswyk, Director - Life Finance Group, Credit Suisse
Michael Crane, Managing Director - Deutsche Bank AG

The key to solid investments lays on diversification of portfolios. When building life settlement portfolios, should investors consider synthetics to hedge their risk? Bringing an answer to this question, the panel will define synthetics, and discuss its pros and cons. In addition, expect to see examples of synthetics applied to real portfolio scenarios and a discussion on its relationship to life settlements.

Changes in Life Expectancies and Other Market Shocks - How to Handle Withdrawn Offers
Meir Eliav, President - Legacy Benefits, LLC
Robert Finfer, President/CEO - Integrity Capital Partners, LLC

The current credit crunch in combination with other industry related announcements has shaken the life settlement market. The panel wil explore ways to handle these effects and discuss a way forward.

Small Face Programs: A Sign of Market Efficiency or Policy Crunch?
Robert Gatti - Life Policy Group
Stephen Shapiro, Q Capital Strategies, LLC

The life settlement industry continues to become more sophisticated and efficient allowing an expansion of the market to benefit small face policy owners. But dealing with smaller policies requires a large amount of transactions with squeezed profits. Learn why some providers are specializing in these types of policies and how these transactions differ from traditional life or viatical settlements.

Funding Sources: New Sources of International and Domestic Capital Penetrating the Market

November 7th Agenda

Life Settlements: The View of Insurance Carriers

Rating the Raters: How to Evaluate the Predictions from a Life Expectancy Rating Service

Robert Shavelle, PhD - Life Expectancy Project

Life expectancy "ratings" are generally provided by a rating service. The ratings are a critical component in the valuation of a policy or protfolio, and it is becoming increasingly clear that unquestioning reliance on these can be dangerous. To test whether the ratings are accurate we must compare them with the kown mortality experience of the insureds. The correct methods for this are standard in biostatistics/epidemiology, but have rarely been used in the life settlemetn industry. The speaker will (1) explain what a rating really means, (2) describe the correct methods, and (3) illustrate with many examples, including his own experience of evaluating portfolios.

State-by-State Strategies for 2009

The Economics of LIfe Settlements Investments
Changes to Mortality Tables: Perspectives from a Medical Underwriting and Investment Strategy

Johan L. Lotter, FSA, FIA, MIAAA - Proverian Capital, LLC

There is a great deal of uncertainty in the life settlement industry about which base mortality table should be used and what adjustments, if any, should be applied to LE certificates when used in buyers’ pricing models. Discuss the suitability of 2008 VBT to life settlements, identify anomalies among life settlement providers and identify methods of assessing life expectancy providers. Gain insight into how to understand the most important element of life settlement pricing: mortality

How to Structure LIfe Settlement Funds: Steps and Best Methods

Perspectives in the Life Settlement Business: Academic Studies on a Macro View of the Market.
What do life settlements mean to the world? Understanding the perception of life settlements outside of the industry can help industry players better deal with clients and suppliers. Listen to analysts' macro view of the market today and forecast for the future.

The Impact of Changing Securities Law

Brian Casey, Associate - Locke, Lord, Bissell & Liddell, LLP
Sharon Zackula, Associate Vice President and Associate General Counsel - FINRA

FINRA is getting more prominent in life settlement regulation. This ever growing presence could propel or slow down the future of our industry. This panel will discuss FINRA's growing presence in life settlements and explore the pros and cons of FINRA's rules affecting the industry.

Disclosures: The Quest to Protect Consumers and Industry Participants
Brenda Cude - University of Georgia

Hedging Investment Risk and Portfolio Optimization

Jay Vadiveloo, Ph. D, FSA, MAAA, CFA, Head of IFS - Hartford Office, and Watson Wyatt Professor - University of Connecticut Watson

Methods Employed to Continuously Improve the Reliability of Life Expectancy Evaluations

Jack Kettler, CEO - 21st Services
Robert N. Foley, M. B. - 21st Services
Vince Granieri, Chief Actuary - 21st Services

The speakers will unveil a ground-breaking initiative involving an extensive study of up to 1.5 million Medicare records. This vast amount of data will provide invaluable insight into A/E results now and into the future. Combined with their own experience, this information will enable mortality trends analysis at the ICD9 code level, futher refine their mortality tables and fine tune the debit and credit system. The speakers will also announce the next steps to take in 2009 to further enhance the ability to provide better data to benefit the life settlement market.

The Power of Life Settlements as a Micro-Change in the Insurance Industry
Mark Penn

Former Chief Political Strategist to Senator Hillary Clinton will speak on the power of life settlements as a micro-change in the insurance industry. A widely recognized voice in American politics, Mr. Penn will share his unique perspective on the potential impact of a new presidential administration on the life settlement industry. How will the new political landscape determine the direction of your business? In September 2007, Mr. Penn released the highly successful book: Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes. Currently, Mr. Penn acts as Worldwide President & CEO for Burson-Marsteller.

Life Settlement Assets at Risk: The Current Wave of Litigation to Rescind Life Insurance Policies

Federal Regulation - Where Will it Come and How Will it Work?

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