Life Settlements & Longevity Summit 2009

A Life Settlement Industry Event.

2009 is a year of tremendous opportunity for investors in life settlements and longevity. More seniors are turning to the life settlement option than ever before, increasing the amount of product on the market and creating a strong negotiating position for investors. At the same time, global stock volatility is intensifying the need to diversify with an uncorrelated asset. Life settlements, it seems, have never been such a great investment.

It isn't all roses, however. Following the life expectancy revision in 2008, many investors lost money on their portfolios and there remains widespread uncertainty regarding LEs currently in place. Can the new LEs be trusted? Will they too be revised upwards in the next few years? What can investors do to guard against that extension risk? Furthermore, investing in life settlements grows increasingly more complicated with new tax rulings, regulatory changes, and a lack of nationwide consensus on the definition of "insurable interest". The opportunities are real, but the complexity is real too.

Taking place in New York City from September 30th - October 1st, IQPC's 2nd Life Settlements & Longevity Summit has been specifically designed to help you - the investor - make sense of the opportunities and pitfalls of this exciting investment class. Whether you're an experienced investor - keen to maximize your existing investment - or new to the market and still evaluating the suitability of the asset class, this conference delivers invaluable insights from investors, fund managers, and industry experts, ensuring you make the best possible decisions for superior returns.

Sponsors include: Coventry, Life Equity, Credit Suisse, Peachtree, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Sadis & Goldberg LLP, All Financial Group, and Fasano Associates.

Event Location: Millennium Broadway Hotel, New York City, NY


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