16th Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference

A Life Settlement Industry Event.

On April 28-30, the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) will host its 16th Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference, a meeting of industry players, institutional investors, hedge fund managers and other professionals with shared interests in the multi-billion dollar life settlement market. Stakeholders agree that surging federal interest in life settlements may well be the single most important development to affect the industry since its inception. Appropriately, the Spring Conference convenes in the heart of our nation's power center and capital, Washington, D.C.

An estimated 400 attendees, expert-driven analysis, industry research and collaborative forums for dialogue and presentation. Your personal business interests are our high priority.

Who will attend?
All Major Life Settlement Companies, Hedge Fund Managers, Investment Bankers, Mutual Fund Managers, Family Office Managers, Financial Advisors & Attorneys, Pension Plans & Endowments Producers, Securities Investors, Insurance Companies, Policy Makers & Regulators, and more.

Some topics:
The State of the Industry: Innovating the Market and Building Investor Confidence
Consolidation and Strategic Alliances in the Industry
Fund Management and Policy Servicing: Striking the Right Relationship for Optimum Results
Restructuring and Revaluing Life Settlement Portfolios -- Dealing with the Effects of Lengthened LEs and Distressed Capital Markets

1330 Maryland Ave, SW
Washington D.C. 20024

Registration: TheVoiceOfTheIndustry.com

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