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Welcome to Your resource for conferences, events, shows, and events for the Life Settlement Industry and other related financial industries. We will update dates, speakers, destinations, pricing, and more. If you need any information about a Life Settlement Conference, you will find it here!

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Here at we will be listing, reviewing, and sponsoring life settlement events. These events could include Conference, Trade Shows, Conventions, Round Tables, Seminars, Meetings, Summits, Symposiums, and Expos.

Not all conferences and shows listed here at are only life settlement industry related. Many of the conferences are geared to the life insurance, financial planning, estate planning, advisors, investing, and other financial related topics.

Life Settlement Conferences - For the industry by the industry, these are usually geared strictly to Life Insurance Settlements.

Financial Advisors Conferences - All types of financial advisors events, including insurance agents, producers, estate planning, CPA, wealth, asset, and more.

Senior Market Conferences - Conferences that are geared towards senior products and senior financial planning.

Please submit dates of events, reviews, pictures and more. We want to make the main source for Life Settlement Professionals to find out the what is going on in the industry.